About Us

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd is a leading design and construction company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have a long history of providing innovative, cost-effective and reliable products. We have a team of efficient & dedicated personnel who have been trained in different skills like masonry, paintwork, plumbing, tiling, roofing & ICT networking.

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd

Our Vision

To be the Leading Interior & Exterior Design Company in the East & Central African region and the World as a whole.

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd

Our Mission

To Develop Interior & Exterior Design Experiences that are Affordable, Attractive, Beautiful & Durable.

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd

Our Values

We pride ourselves on the following pillars:
Team Work, Customer driven,
Integrity, Honesty.

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Our Skills

Our approach is moulded on a scenario where you the client entrusts our highly skilled personnel to actualize your aspirations & Dreams. We believe in ourselves because of the statistics below:

Customer Satisfaction 100%
Creativity 99%
Passion 98%
Research & Development 97%


Management Team

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd has a qualified management team equipped with over ten years’ experience the industry. They are very highly rated in the interior design market & they have demonstrated key leadership & teamwork qualities which make them reliable and outstanding in this competitive industry.

Rasmia Home Designs Ltd

Ramadhan Mutula

Chief Executive Officer
Rasmia Home Designs Ltd

Ayub Azeka

Managing Director
Rasmia Home Designs Ltd


Rasmia Home Designs Ltd



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